Hands one holds a wooden pen to write in a journal, the other holds a strand of prayer beads. A deck of tarot cards, a green book, and a bag of runes are spread out on the table.

What to Expect In a Reading

What you may see, hear or do in a reading:

Because of HG Wyndell’s multifaceted techniques, you may see, hear or be part of the following things in your reading:

  • Prayers
  • Attunement
  • Asking Questions
  • Exploration
  • Clarification
  • Closing – Thanks-giving for connection, communication, and information

Why Choose to have a Reading?

I see divination as a tool for spiritual development and growth and a powerful way to connect to spirits for their wisdom and guidance. Through a reading, you may learn about yourself, your goals, and your life. 

As a Spiritworker, my goal is to offer readings that don’t just provide responses without context. Instead, I aim to offer compassionate insight, no bull advice, wry humor, combined with practical recommendations, reflections, and next steps that I hope will allow you to bring the reading’s insights into authentic practice.

My readings can help you consider different perspectives, shift paradigms, find options, seek creative approaches, clarify goals, and develop insight into yourself, career, relationships, spiritual development, personal purpose, goals, and more. You will receive answers that can help guide you to a more fulfilling life if you become an active participant.

When we examine what comes up in a session about the present, we gain insight into patterns and see what will serve our goals in the future. I think of it like studying history, if we can see past trends, it allows us to extrapolate future possibilities. Which possibilities are right for you? In my view, this is the greatest benefit of a reading. It allows you to adjust, grow, and change in the present to better align your whole self toward consciously chosen goals.  You can learn about possibilities, pitfalls, and potentials surrounding situations, leading to empowered choices.

Sessions are firmly rooted in the present. I am meeting you and conducting your reading in the now. While information about the past is available through the spirits and your questions and responses, your reading will be geared to observing patterns, trends, and lessons at play as they relate to current situations.  

I believe in personal sovereignty, the power of intentional change and transformation. I do not provide predictions of a fully fixed future because I believe we all have a choice of our own making. 

Types of Divination That I Use in Sessions


I work with 36 Futhorc Runes, my understanding of whom is deeply influenced by my apprenticeship with my mentor, Raven Kaldera. Each of the runes has a set of symbolic associations, in addition to being a representation of an independent spirit. I share the details of the runes drawn for you and the association they have with your question(s).


Typically tarot decks contain 76 cards, which are subdivided into Major Arcana, representing major life themes, archetypes, and energies, and the Minor Arcana, representing everyday matters in life. While there are several different systems, I primarily work with those based on the Smith-Rider-Waite Tarot (the illustrator of the original RWS deck was Pamela Coleman Smith, a Jamaican, English, American woman who worked as an artist in the first half of the 20th century, and she is one of my heroes).

Each deck has a rich depth of symbolism including numerology, classical elemental correspondences (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), astrology, and a possible world of others depending on the interpretation of the particular artist and/or creator of the deck.

Other Sortilege Systems

Sortilege, as a broad category, is divining by selecting a card or object from a collection of other objects, all of which have a set of associations. Often these methods are referred to as Oracles, they are as diverse as their creators, some are decks of cards, some are piles of stones, some are collections of objects. In my practice I use a wide variety of these systems. Several of these are tailored to specific kinds of questions, so by combining broader methods, like runes or tarot, with more specific systems in a mixed method reading, we can come to answers that account for both the macro and micro picture. In short, this delivers a more robust response to your question as it comes from a wider field of input.


I primarily use pendulums as a method of accessing and amplifying my own intuition. 

Ethics and Values

I feel that it is important to know the ethics of anyone you see for intuitive wellness services. I invite you to look at both my Statement of Ethics in Spiritwork, Statement of Values on the Northern Tradition Shamanism Guild, and my “Disclaimers, Terms of Service, and Ethics” Page [LINK to Disclaimers]

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