Upcoming Class: Selfcare as Spiritual Practice

I will be teaching in June 2021 at Mountain Woman Medicine!

MWM & Alchemy Of The Seasons School Presents…“SelfCare as a Spiritual Practice” taught by Hanna Wyndell & Featuring Lens Stacking with Raine. This 3-week course is designed to help you consciously apply action in the direction of your needed well-being.1st, Some very simple definitions.

SelfCare: Effort placed into one’s own well-being.

Spiritual: Actions related to Spirit.
Practice: Conscious Intentional Action for the purpose of growth.
Spirituality: Purposeful Belonging: finding a connection to spirit through purposeful connection.You might ask “why do these things matter?”.

To put it simply, because they help make our Matter, matter. It connects us back to our bodies, back to our purpose, and helps us stay regulated in our humanity while we do this incredible exponential growth work.This course plugs into many facets of life, as well as many of the aspects covered in AOTS. Ultimately it will enhance your service to yourself, which enhances your service to others and expands your ability to receive.Nobody’s toolbox looks the same. It’s ever-growing, expanding, and we get to choose with each new experience which tools will serve us best. ITs always a learning game. THAT gets to become the adventure.

Course Details:

This course will include weekly notes, an audio recording of each live class & an Emergency Resource list. It will be based out of the MWM & Nemeton Discord (link to join below) and we will meet weekly in a private Zoom room.

Session 1:

(What the hell is going on & how to survive it)
Background psychology lenses, Polyvagal, neurological activation, identifying current operating states. Survival skills for when we are activated.

Session 2: (Mental Judo)

Flipping the script & shifting perspectives. Changing self-talk scripts. Prayer as talking TO spirit. Using & creating your own guided meditation. Mind Body connection. 5 Minute Tantrums.

Session 3:

(Mitigate Bullshit & Find Meaning.)
Energetic cleansing, resetting your energy, Tools for redirection, reframing negative thoughts, the power of “Yet” wedging a door open. Self Reality Check-ins. Increasing natural production of serotonin. Contributing to changing the world contributes to finding meaning in the pain. Service outwards feeds service to self.

The Specifics

This module is 3 weeks long. It meets on Wednesday nights 6:30-8:30pm EST.
The dates are: June 9th, 16th & 23rd.
There will also be an open “Meeting At The Crossroads” community session before and after this course (also on wed nights)The Exchange for this course is $150.
Please pay it if you can, if life is hard you can look through the various options at registration to see what other aspects might serve you.
Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/…/1Kz7rUQanOpZC0uHf8R415EP…/editPlease join us in the MWM & Nemeton Discord here: https://discord.gg/v9sjCrGRAt

“The body doesn’t like change,
And you can’t grow without it.
So best honor your vessel
Or you’ll have to do without it.”
MWM See Less

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