Upcoming Class: Breath is Fundamental – Connecting to Self and Other

Registration is open for the first in a series of stand-alone virtual classes I will teach at Sovereign Rhythms Sanctuary. This first class came into being after talking to the folks at Sovereign Rhythms Sanctuary about skills we can practice to tend our relationships with ourselves and others.

Explore how breath builds bridges between selves and others. 

-HG Wyndell

Breath is Fundamental: Connecting to Self and Other

To show up for ourselves empowered to explore through a lens of curiosity and compassion, it is wise to begin with breath. To show up relating to others with the wholeness of our being intact, it is wise to begin with breath. Mindful breathing offers bridges across the many facets and experiences of our own inner realms, as well as to everything which exists external to us. It stitches through our layers of existence and anchors us to the shared reality of the present moment. Come learn how to use the breaths you’re taking each day as tools to meet ourselves and others with integrity and mindfulness.

Breath stitches through all the layers of our being. It is a means of assessing: Where am I in my relations today?

-HG Wyndell

Details and registration info are included below and can also be found on the website here: https://sovereignrhythms.com/step-into-a-circle/breath-is-fundamental/

Investment Options:

  1. Community-supported ticket: $25
  2. Cost of Class: $50
  3. Supporter Ticket $75

To register: 

  1. Send your investment via PayPal to paypal.me/HGWyndell and include in your note-
    1. Which class you are registering for
    2. Your preferred name
    3. Your pronouns
    4. Your preferred email for contact
  2. Send a copy of your receipt or a screenshot of your payment to SovereignRhythms@gmail.com.
  3. Watch your selected email for an invitation to create a profile within Sovereign Rhythms Sanctuary in order to access the learning circle for this course.

We will meet Thursday January 12, 2023
From 7:30-9:30 pm EST 

I look forward to seeing you there!

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