A low tide view of the Oregon coast on Neskowin beach at Proposal Rock. Pine trees on the rocks reflected in tidepools below.

Resources: Articles on Animism

Lately, I have been talking and thinking a lot about what an animist practice looks like.

What does having a practice rooted in place and time look like? To be inspired, to paraphrase Alexis Pauline Gumbs*, to apprentice ourselves to other than human**?

I wanted to share some of the articles that have got my brain going on this topic lately.

Beckett, John. “Building a Relationship with the Nature Spirits Where You Are.” www.patheos.com/blogs/johnbeckett/2022/09/building-a-relationship-with-the-nature-spirits-where-you-are.html

Bronaugh, Whit. “The Trees That Miss the Mammoths.” www.americanforests.org/article/the-trees-that-miss-the-mammoths/

Kaishian, Patricia Ononiwu. “The Magnetism of Eels.” ecotonemagazine.org/nonfiction/the-magnetism-of-eels/

Kimmerer, Robin Wall “Orion Magazine | Speaking of Nature.” orionmagazine.org/article/speaking-of-nature/

Nunn, Patrick. “The Stories of Oral Societies Aren’t Myths, They’re Records | Aeon Essays.” aeon.co/essays/the-stories-of-oral-societies-arent-myths-theyre-records

Francisco Javier López Martín. “The Poetics of Ecology.” dark-mountain.net/the-poetics-of-ecology/

Strand, Sophie “Mentorship with the More-Than-Human World – Braided Way Magazine.” braidedway.org/mentorship-with-the-more-than-human-world/

* In her book Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals (which initially started as a series of Instagram posts and grew from there)

**I am still working my way through ways of talking about our kin, those we share the world with, that do not center the human experience and I welcome the conversation about that.

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