Policies and Procedures

A Soft Paw (The Short Story)

Terms of Service, Ethics, and Disclaimers

1. Informed Consent is Key

This means:

  • You certify that you are 18 years of age or older.  
  • Anyone person under age 18 must have a parent present during sessions. 
  • Please do not ask what other clients and participants are thinking/feeling/doing/intuiting during their sessions (e.g. consultations, coaching time, readings, etc.)
  • Since we do not have their consent to look into these things, let’s focus our intent on your goals and needs.

2. Divination (e.g. Tarot, Runes, Oracles, etc.) sessions are offered for entertainment, educational, and/or spiritual purposes only.

This means:

  • This statement is a liability precaution.
  • Sessions are not a replacement for professional care and/or support services.  These possible services might include, and are not limited to, the following: business, financial, legal, medical, psychological counseling.
  • With legal precautions in place, please note that I engage in sessions with deep sincerity, respect, skill, practice, and knowledge of my craft.

3. If/When issues and/or difficulties are present in your life, please seek a specialist in the arena where you’re experiencing these issues.

This means:

  • NOTE:  This also means I do not provide predictions about physical death, physical health, and/or physical birth

4. References to other materials (e.g. books, films, decks, other practitioners, etc.) may be shared for informational purposes only.

This means:

  •  References are not endorsements of practices and materials from others.

5. It’s not my responsibility to validate the accuracy of — nor correct information from — your session.

This means:

  • These services are spiritual in nature, so 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. 
  • I am not a mind reader.
  • I am not your mother.

6. You are choosing to work with me, in sessions, in a way where you accept full liability and responsibility for your choices.

This means:

  • Sessions are offered to help you develop and foster personal sovereignty, discernment, and spiritual connection.
  • As such I, HG Wyndell, shall accept no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions you choose to take or make based on your consultation, course participation, and/or use of resources.

7. I have the right to cancel and/or refuse to engage in sessions.

This means:

  • While this is a rare occurrence, I reserve the right to do so, should the need arise. 
  • I do not encourage addiction to or disempowering dependency on consultations as therapy.  
  • In holding good personal and professional boundaries, we shall both do our best to be accountable for healthy behaviors in this regard.

8. Indemnification means “No scapegoating, harassment, and/or blaming.”

This means:

  • You agree to, and shall, absolutely indemnify — and hold harmless — HG Wyndell in all arenas related to your sessions and your behaviors that arise out of them.
  • This indemnification includes — and is not limited to — the following entities related to HG Wyndell: heirs, relatives, agents, assignees.
  • Duration of indemnification is in perpetuity.
  • The location of indemnification is throughout all known and unknown universes.

9. Copyright and confidentiality laws apply.

This means:

  • On your end:
    1. You agree that you shall obtain express written permission from HG Wyndell  (Owner, Artist, and Publisher) when you share my materials and methods in any way — beyond short introduction — outside of social media, specifically.
    2. To be clear:  you need my permission in hand before you publish, display, share, distribute and/or archive any material, photo, content, from me.
  • On my end, I will not share your tagged, identifiable information with anyone other than you and/or outside of our sessions.

10. It’s safe to share on the following specific social media outlets, as long as there’s appropriate attribution.

This means:

  • When appropriate attribution is present, you may share session and/or service content on the following specific social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter.
  • For permission to share my content on other venues, please contact me via email.

11. I acknowledge and honor that we all live in complex realities.

This means:

12. Scheduling, Payments, Cancelations, and Rescheduling

This means:

  • I seek to operate in a way that makes time, space, and deadline/time adjustments towards personal wellness and work, navigating chronic pain and illness flares, etc.  
  • I also seek to honor the value of time of both my client and myself. 
  • I resist connecting burn-out with a display of commitment, morals, values, and/or as a measurement of worth.  
  • With these values in mind Scheduling Policy
    1. Scheduling is subject to availability. Appointments will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance (subject to discretion).
    2. Appointments may be canceled with a 100% refund if the cancellation is in writing and with 24 hours’ notice. Sessions may be rescheduled without penalty with 24 hours notice. Failure to provide 24-hour notice will result in forfeiture of fees, as it prevents me from seeing other clients.
    3. Should HG Wyndell need to cancel or reschedule every effort will be made to provide written notice 24 hours prior to the appointment. If such notice is not possible, the appointment may be rescheduled or a full refund will be issued according to the client’s wishes.
    4. Readings and consultations are paid for in advance. Once payment has been received, an appointment will be scheduled.
    5. Sessions may be rescheduled without penalty with 24 hours notice.
    6. After a session is completed, no refunds are offered for readings/spiritual coaching/spiritual consultation sessions. You are paying for the consultant’s time, not the information, and once time has been given it cannot be returned.

13. By using the website you agree that you have had the chance and taken the time to ask any and all questions, you fully understand and, of your own free will, agree with these terms of service.

Updated March 11, 2021

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