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Invitation to Foundations: Breathwork

I’m so excited to share this new offering!

I’ve got a new opportunity for working with me, and I’d love to share it.
You might know that I have been developing classes on foundational practices to support spiritwork. I’m looking for a few people interested in creating a practice centered on breath.

Here’s the scoop:

I’m trying out a new series called Foundations: Breathwork. It’s a series of 4 sessions where we focus on beginning to build a sustainable practice of breathwork.

I know you might be ready to deepen an existing practice, maybe you know a friend or family member who’s interested?
Our bodies are powerful. They are our first allies in our work in the world. They are how our spirits experience this reality. By being in a relationship with ourselves, our physical actions become actions that have larger ripples into other layers of being. Breath is a tool we can use to connect with our body in deep, meaningful ways.

Breath can help calm our nervous systems from within, build resilience, and aid us in focusing our intention with purpose and clarity. We can clear our signal up, become familiar with our personal brand of background noise, gain exquisite awareness of our edges, and move more smoothly through the world. We can free resources from “managing” and move towards purpose and delight.

When you come in for the sessions, not only will you feel so much better, you’ll be helping me with some research I’m doing for my pilot program. In exchange for your commitment to 4 sessions, I’m offering a sliding scale of $173-$573.

You can schedule a discovery session using this link:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude,
HG Wyndell

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