HG Wyndell Spirit Worker and Diviner

The Depths

I am HG Wyndell. I’m tied to the land. This is a gift from my ancestors, spirits and gods (or Holy Powers). Freyr and Freyja, of Old Norse traditions, are two of the gods/deities I am strongly linked to in my practice of Northern Tradition Paganism and I’ve become an active member of the Northern Tradition Shamanism Guild. 


My connections to our shared earth have grown exponentially since I started in this practice a number of years ago; which brought a greater depth to my decades of work in tarot and oracle cards. With these stronger ties to the land and to spirits, I am able to be of service to you. 


I am a Spirit Worker who is driven to facilitate the guidance you seek. I strive to build and strengthen the connections between people, within themselves and between people and the world around them. 


Every seed I plant is a prayer – a thanksgiving for the bounty that may burst forth to nourish and fuel my family. This isn’t surprising given my background. As a dorky kid in 4-H, I found space behind my family’s garage for a garden and scoured books and asked family friends for their insights on the edible creations I would make. With this appreciation of the land that nourishes us, I use some of Spirit’s most ancient tools to inform, counsel and instruct my approach in answering your questions and creating intentional forward motion. 

Why do I use the term Spirit Worker?

For me, Spirit Worker is a contemporary term for an ancient vocation. I am an initiated shaman, in the most traditional sense of the term. This means I serve as a conduit – as many have done before me, continue to do with me, and will do after me – between earth-bound humans and the spiritual world around us. 

This requires me to wear many hats, selecting the right one at the right time for those who choose to work with me and whom I believe I can help. I’m not the right guide for everyone. There is work involved in this process and not everyone is willing to do it, nor would I ask them to go forward into something they aren’t ready for. I will tell you immediately if I sense the time isn’t right for us to explore together.

Instead, I work with those who fit my skills as a diviner, coach, interpreter, charm crafter, magician and maker of sacred and magical art. It has taken me more than 20 years of study of these crafts to be prepared to help you. 

My Journey: Gifted to You

Above, I mentioned my skills as a diviner. As a polytheistic animist (I recognize the spirits within the physical world and the multitude of them around us) I access tools like runes and tarot cards to connect to, hear, interpret and deliver messages from the spirits. This is divination. 


To help make sense of the information provided to me and make it attainable for you, I rely on my own skilled intuition developed over my years of practice.


Sometimes, this information from the spirits is blunt – very blunt – but it can also be practical, cryptic and/or symbolic. Together we discuss and explore what is received to bring the messages into focus for an earth-bound life. 


While the information is from spirit, I am a firm believer in personal sovereignty and agency. I bring this sense of choice and intelligent power to every reading. This is about you and the wonder you are and the life you choose to create on this earth.  

I have been an artisan and a crafter of sustainable arts. I have been a seeker, a seer, a fighter, and an activist.

May we Remember:



Each seed planted is a prayer.

May there be food.

May I and my family be well and nourished.

May the compost of old things feed something new and needed.

May renewal come.

May there be hope.

May there be beauty.

-HG Wyndell

For the past decade, I have been deepening my connections to the spirits and the land.

I have apprenticed myself to knowledge, to wise women and men. So that I can share that wisdom with you.

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