HG Wyndell

Spirit Worker, Diviner, and Spiritual Life Coach

Within each of us exists a place where the ancestors planted seeds of wisdom that flourish and provide answers to all the questions we may have. Sometimes, we are able to walk to this field and pick from its bounty. Other times, we get lost. We simply can’t find our way and end up in a barren wasteland wondering how we can possibly find our way to the wisdom within.

In these times, a guide familiar with Spirit Work can help you return to the harvest land. HG Wyndell is your guide to the answers within and around you. As a Spirit Worker (Shaman), Diviner, and Spiritual Life Coach, she makes use of her own innate wisdom and skills as a guide to help you create the life you seek and know is possible.

Through HG Wyndell, you will encounter rituals that create space and honor the sacred agreements between guide and seeker. If you want to find more balance, understand your journey and obtain a more complete and fulfilling life, this is the place to start.


Guidance for your spirit and soul. HG Wyndell will guide you on your personal journey to connect with the spirits and ancestors through ancient tools such as runes and tarot as well as more modern ones like oracle cards and soul mapping.


For those who want to create their future with support and guidance, HG Wyndell uses her skills to lead you to a more intentional life and spiritual practice.


Learn ways to make life’s journey more fulfilling. Here, you will find wisdom, inspiration and general musings that sprout forth from the creative source within HG Wyndell.